Welcome to our website with vintage retro-futuristic illustrations from German-language science & technology publications and science fiction.

We apologize for not yet providing further explanations in English, as the main motivation of our project is to demonstrate to readers from Germany & Austria the wealth of visionary thinking in these countries during the past.

We hope that the works shown here help bring back the positive view of technology and of scientific progress which was common in these countries until around 1970, when a new age of anti-science & anti-technology feelings began. Of course, if you like our site, we would be happy if you spread the good news to other people & webpages.

If time allows, we will try to translate the entire website into English, so stay tuned.

Klaus Bürgle

About Klaus Bürgle:

1926 - born in Stuttgart, Germany

1948-1949 - studies at the State Academy of the Arts, Stuttgart, with Professor Karl Rössing

1949 - interested in rockets and future technology. First drawing for the annual magazine "Das Neue Universum"

1953 - started working as a freelance graphic artist and illustrator

2010 - retrospective exhibition in Göppingen, showing many of the remaining original works

2015 - died in Göppingen near Stuttgart.

Bürgle specialized in technical and scientific topics. He was able to visualize technology that existed only as engineering ideas, turning them into photo realistic drawings. Bürgle produced many illustrations for scientific books, magazines, and television productions.

Bürgle's original drawings were given to the book and magazine companies most of which don't exist any more. As a result, most of the originals are lost. What we present here is based on photographs and scans of prints.